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Whether a motorcycle hits a vehicle in front of it or vice versa, rear-end accidents involving motorcycles often result in major injuries, and having experienced legal representation is important for seeking compensation. If you have been injured in a rear-end motorcycle accident, the Kansas City motorcycle accident attorneys at Schmitt Law Firm, LLC can work hard to defend your right to compensation in court.

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Rear-end collisions may occur when:

  • Traffic slows or stops suddenly on freeways or highways
  • A vehicle stops suddenly at a yellow or red light
  • Traffic moves too fast on wet or icy roads, making stopping difficult
  • A tailgating vehicle drives too close to the car in front of it, leaving no space for a quick stop
  • Speeding while merging into lanes

Whether your accident was caused by faulty brake lights, driver negligence, or environmental factors, our Kansas City motorcycle accident lawyers can investigate your incident and work hard to determine the specific factors of your case. With this information, our team can prepare a strategy to help you seek compensation in court. We have a thorough knowledge of state and federal laws pertaining to traffic regulations and compensation requirements and we can represent you throughout the legal process.

Protect Your Financial Stability by Seeking Compensation!

Motorcycle rear-end accidents often carry tremendous negative impacts for the rider who does not have the added protection of air bags and seat belts. Fog, rain, ice, and bright sunlight can impair a driver’s ability to see the car ahead, and this can lead to a rear-end accident. Other common causes include drunk or distracted driving, malfunctioning brakes or brake lights, and illegal lane changes or reckless driving.

Rear-end accidents can lead to expensive medical bills, and seeking compensation can help alleviate the added stress of financial burdens brought about by your injuries. With the legal assistance of Schmitt Law Firm, LLC, you can get personal care from a knowledgeable Kansas City motorcycle accident attorney who will walk you through the process and aggressively defend your right to compensation.

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