A motorcycle injury attorney can help you after a wreck. It certainly wasn’t in your plan to be injured but sometimes it happens. You need to be informed and you need representation.motorcycle injury attorney

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Motorcycle Injury Attorney Can Help

No motorcycle rider heads out on the road thinking they’ll be in an accident, but it does happen. After an accident, the victim may have significant amounts of medical bills and property damage. They could lose income and wonder how they’ll get their life back to normal. This is when it’s important for them speak with a motorcycle injury attorney. They will know the value of a case and what must happen for an accident victim to get fair compensation. Consider these items to help determine when to call a motorcycle injury attorney:

  • Liability
  • Case Value
  • Reasons To Accept A Settlement
  • Calculating Damages
  • Bias Against Motorcycle Riders


An important factor for obtaining compensation is establishing liability for the accident. This proves who was responsible for causing it. Liability can be difficult to determine. It’s possible the person who hit a motorcycle rider was not negligent. It’s also possible it just is undetermineable who was negligent.

Case Value

When the value of a motorcycle accident claim is in process, at that time entry of trial value and settlement value happens. A settlement value is what a motorcycle accident victim can reasonably expect to receive for settling the case. This amount will always be much lower than a trial value. Most settlement offers are set up to eliminate going to trial.

Reasons To Accept A Settlement

  • Avoids Unpredictable Juries. There is no such thing as a certain verdict when it comes to a jury.
  • Money Is Guaranteed. When both sides agree on an acceptable amount, that is the payment amount.
  • Time. It will take time for a case to be assigned to a judge. Depending on the circumstances, a trial could last years.

Calculating Damages

A motorcycle accident victim will deserve to receive compensation for damages of exact calculation. These are often referred to as special damages. This will involve medical bills associated with the accident. It also includes loss of earnings as well as loss of earning capacity and more. These damages can be calculated with a precise dollar amount. It is also possible to be compensated for pain and suffering, loss of consortium and more. There is no precise dollar amount to determine the value of these damages. Request to judges and juries to use their good sense when determining these dollar amounts.

Bias Against Motorcycle Riders

It is a fact of life that many people dislike or distrust individuals who ride motorcycles. Many attorneys realize this is part of human nature. Members of a jury are often unknowingly bias against motorcycle riders and may not even be aware of it. Past verdicts involving motorcycle accident victims show a jury is more likely to give a large settlement to the victim of a car accident than a motorcycle accident victim. A motorcycle injury attorney is aware of this situation and knows how to handle it. They will prove key issues so a jury understands exactly what happened to a motorcycle accident victim.

It is not easy for the victim of a motorcycle accident to recover. The property damage is often significant and the physical injuries can be extremely severe. Motorcycle accident victims will need help to get their lives back together. A motorcycle injury attorney will know what is necessary to get a motorcycle accident victim fair compensation. These legal professionals have the knowledge and experience necessary to obtain the best possible result for their clients. More motorcycle safety information is also available at the National Transportation Safety Board.

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