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Schmitt Law Firm understands when you are injured in a motorcycle accident you need legal assistance. As a motorcycle accident lawyer in Kansas City, we will consult with you to help determine a course of action.Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Kansas City

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As small vehicles, motorcycles are innately seen less on the roads and are more hidden in blind spots. Potholes and road debris also impact motorcyclists more often than automobiles. A bump in the road or other careless drivers can affect a motorcycle by making it crash, flip or swerve. Reach out to a  motorcycle accident lawyer Kansas City for a complimentary case assessment if you or a loved one endured such an incident because of the negligence of other people.


Motorcycle accidents aren’t usually because of the neglectful actions of a motorcycle driver. Contrarily, other people in cars that aren’t concentrating or are overlooking rules of the road are generally the originators for these tragic motorcycle calamities.

As with the majority of crash liability claims, the plaintiff has to determine:

  • The accused was not rationally adhering to responsibilities governed by traffic rules
  • The accused was being reckless
  • The accused’s actions roughly or without question explained the harm of the plaintiff
  • The accused’s carelessness influenced the accident, provided that the plaintiff isn’t harmed, he or she might not reclaim any injuries from a case

Generally, a marker’s irregularity can be the source of the collision. In such claims, the entity accountable would be the producer of the motorcycle or perhaps the mechanic company that maintained or fixed the bike.

Finding Legal Counsel

If you or a loved one is the victim of severe harm or damage to your possessions because of a motorcycle collision, you’ll potentially require the helpful advice of an attorney. Small-scale incidents such as fender benders can be managed by insurance companies directly, but more serious collisions will gain by using a motorcycle accident lawyer in Kansas City’s expertise. Seek one that is specialized and holds experience in serving clients individually and a successful record.

If You are the Victim of an Accident

Following the event, you’ll want to accumulate proof to make a potential claim. Create records for anything you’re able to remember from the incident such as your location before, amid the accident, and afterward. Make notes of the weather and road conditions. Any and all things you can remember will help your attorney’s analysis.

Write down the evidence of your personal damage and every bit of harm your vehicle inflicted. Acquire any medical reports which illustrate the injuries such as spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, burn injuries or broken bones.

Never declare fault for an accident right away, simply talk about the issues of accountability with a motorcycle accident lawyer Kansas City. Everything you say can be used against you if it elevates to the level of a court case.

Obtain testimonies from people who observed the accident and the other drivers in the event. Talk with our group of successful and experienced Kansas City attorneys from Schmitt Law Firm, LLC to receive a risk-free legal discussion or case consultation if you or a loved one is living with injuries from an incident due to the recklessness of another party.

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